Coworking Lite

October 29th, 2010
[ Guelph Tech ]

Earlier this fall I asked if anyone wanted to share our offices here at Brainpark. We’re very lucky to have had some great folks take us up on the offer. We’ve managed to grow our tribe here with little added expense. I’m not sure they know but we’re not paying them a cent.

Andrew wrote today about a similar effort at Jet Cooper. I encourage you to think of ways you can grow your tribe and our community. While we certainly need bigger scale, longer term plans with projects like the hub and accelerator centre, there are loads of smaller simple things we can do today.

It doesn’t have to be formal, it need not be complicated, you don’t need a formal program. If you have a business, office, or just a project, open your doors. Invite people in to work in your space, share your fancy boardroom, host a happy hour. Really, most of us don’t bite and who knows, maybe we can help?