ThreeFortyNine Happy Hour

October 30th, 2012
[ Guelph Tech ]

ThreeFortyNine isn’t hosting our weekly Founder’s Club this week as it falls on Wednesday night, which is too scary of a night for it. Instead we’re hosting a happy hour down at The Ebar on the following night. While our primarily goal is to get our all our members in a room together to catchup and have a drink, it’s also a chance to meet other folks in the community. Who should attend? As we say on our site…

“We’re a small group of aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of us have yet to launch our first business, others are on their second and third.”

If you’re the least bit curious about launching your own business, or already have, I’d suggest you stop in for a drink and meet us.

So this is my invite. If you’re in Guelph Thursday and have an entrepreneurial bent then you’ll likely get along with our crew. Please come out for a quick drink and meetup at 5pm Thursday. If you can make it, please register here¬†and we’ll see you Thursday.