DemoCampGuelph 18…And You!

September 1st, 2011
[ Guelph Tech ]

I/we need your help! We’re low on demo applications for our next event on Sept 21st. What I’d like to do is get some of you sharing publicly what you’d like to see demo’d at our event. Frameworks you’ve heard of but haven’t had a chance to play with? New OS’s or distros that you’d like to learn more about etc.

If you’ve attended before, what are some sweet demo’s that you’d like to see? Write up a blog post listing them all, preferably with a link to so people can sign up to attend or submit demos. Or just use this tweet link to share on twitter.

Bottom line, maybe if we ask, we’ll receive. Some demos I’d personally like to see?

  • Anything to do with the Hudson/Jenkins split. Compare the two etc.
  • I’d love to see a 5 minute all out terminal/ssh/emacs/vi whatever shell demo that leaves me wondering what the hell just happened. Then post the script somewhere for me to figure out what went on.
  • Something zombie related….just because.
  • I dig plug computing so anything to do with it.
  • For that matter, if anyone can get their hands on some raspberry pi, that’d be dreamy!
Thanks ahead of time for helping out and spreading the word so we can have great demos in a couple of weeks.