Best Tips to Find Money For Your Startup

May 19th, 2011
[ General ]

Finding a cow to milk when needing to come up with the necessary money for your next business venue is not the simplest task in the world. While coming up with your plan for your upcoming startup might have not been that difficult, finding people willing to invest in your ideas seems to be harder than anything. Here are a few ideas that should make things easier for you when going investment money hunting.


Look At Your Taxes

If you have exhausted all of the piggy bank, credit card, home equity loans, or your insurance policy money options and you still need more money to cover your start-up needs, it is time to pull out the heavy artillery. Namely, start by checking out your taxes. In case you are also holding on to your regular job, look into the idea of decreasing your withholding taxes by having your allowance number changed. Once you will increase tour allowances and get them in line with your deductions, you will lay your hands on a nice amount of money. If you need extra guidance, get in touch with an expert tax professional who can help you get started.


Sell Your Collectibles And Get Instant Cash

Your collectibles also make for an excellent fast cash idea; anything ranging from inheritances to self-acquired collectibles goes here; and remember, the older or rarer, the more valuable. Use specialized auction sites and try to get the best price possible.


Try To Win Some Money By Yourself

Many people try their luck playing online lottery game or opting for casino games like poker or slots as they are fast, easy, and fun ways of getting rich instantly or at least gaining enough for their goals. If you are passionate about lottery games like MegaMillions or you have never played PowerBall before, the LotteryMaster site is a good place to start with; buy your first tickets online and mark them with your favorite numbers, crossing your fingers for the next big Saturday draw that could solve all your start-up money problems. You need money to make money applies here as well, but the price of a ticket is very low and the gain is definitely worth the risk.    


Find Your Own Angel Investor

There are specialized sites that are more than willing to hear all about your extraordinary business idea or innovation that is going to be a sure hit – as long as they are willing to sponsor it.