Coworking in Guelph

April 14th, 2011
[ Guelph Tech ]

I know I’ve hinted at it but I’m not sure if I’ve officially announced that our new coworking space here in Guelph is for real-live-live. The doors are open, people are here working, it’s a real thing now. While our sign out from still says Brainpark, we’re now called ThreeFortyNine Coworking. We will, at some point soon, host a proper ribbon cutting ceremony, for now this post will have to do.

Stuff We Still Need Your Help With
Yes, you knew I was going to ask for something. The reality is that ThreeFortyNine is still a going concern. Without the support of the Guelph community, we won’t, and shouldn’t, last long. You can help us out with any/all of the following:

  • Come visit us and/or come work for the day with us. Coworking‘s tough to explain but simple to try out.
  • Spread the word!! Write about us anywhere, tell people about what we’re doing, blog, tweet, yelp, tumble, whatever your poison. Help us fill our space with great folks.
  • Sign up to our mailing list to let us know you love us. We’ll occasionally email you about local events. As well, we’ll be giving away day passes, memberships, etc to people on our list.
  • Help us find supporters and partners in our community who can help us make this place great.

Stuff We’ve Done

  • Successfully sponsored and hosted The Guelph Seven.
  • Helped reboot Guelph Coffee and Code.
  • We’re slowing converting the office itself to better support coworking, including building a massive table in our shared space room as well as buying a whack of cozy Herman Miller chairs for our lazy asses.
  • Welcomed Microsoft Canada as a sponsor.