Will YOU cowork in Guelph?

December 13th, 2010
[ Guelph Tech ]

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about coworking here. If you’re not sure what coworking is, Dusty has a great post on redefining it here:

“Coworking is two or more individuals working independently or collaboratively who are socially interacting while they work.”

For various reasons I’m back considering the demand for a coworking space here in Guelph. The space I’m considering is the current Brainpark offices at 349 Woolwich St. We have a core tenant in Brainpark and already have a few friends sharing the space with us. What I’m curious about is if Guelph needs a coworking/incubation space? A place for independents and small startups collaborating to help each other be more successful.

What I’m not interested in is just offering cheap office space. This would be participatory where we’re working with each other at some level. The goal being that our various projects and companies are better because of this space. My personal goal will be to have our members some day saying that they were successful in part because they worked in our space with us. Kumbaya!

What would the space include?

  • 10 to 15 dedicated desks with 24/7 access
  • Power, desks, heat and all that along with wireless and access to our Atria fibre
  • Shared use of our boardroom
  • I would actively build an advisory board, if our members felt this was needed.
  • Events and lot’s of them based on what our members need.
  • A shared communal work area for part timers, friends, and drop ins.
  • We have great coffee and a beer tap!

What I need to move forward on something like this?
This would be a private venture and no one’s offered to lower my risk by bank rolling a couple of years of operation so I need to know there’s demand. If I knew there were 30+ people in Guelph who would commit tomorrow, ie we’d have a waiting list, then it’d be a no brainer. So, are you interested, or know of someone who may be? If so, please contact me asap or just comment on this post. As well, what’s this worth to you? What would you pay monthly for the above offering here in Guelph?