Business Of Software thanks!

October 7th, 2010
[ General ]

While it was only for a few minutes, I was incredibly honoured to share a stage in Boston this week with Seth Godin, Joel Spolsky, Eric Sink, Dharmesh Shah and many other monsters from the software business.

First, a huge thanks for Neil and Joel for once again setting the standard software conferences need to chase. If you work in software and hate conferences, then you need to hit BOS 2011. Neil’s taken all the good parts and stripped out all the hated parts, which results in an amazing event that’ll melt your brain, in a good way.

As always, I did my best to pitch Guelph and beer to the crowd. My slides are here if you’re interested.

After attending the first first Business of Software in 2007 I recall telling Neil that I’ve set a personal goal of speaking at his event someday. While it was only a minuscule lightning talk I feel like I kinda sorta achieved that goal this week. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll speak on the grown ups stage?