Creativity talks at Ted

May 20th, 2009
[ General ]

Recently we ditched cable at home and moved to a setup where we have an old PC connected to the TV. It’s been an eye opening change for the better. While I realize we’re on the ‘bleeding edge’, it points to cable providers having some massive challenges in front of them.

One example of the positive changes, I watch way more TED talks now. I highly recommend these two talks that are focused on creativity, it’s value in our society and how we foster it.

Elizabeth Gilbert talk on nurturing creativity speaks to it from the perspective of the genius, ie the successful artist. It’s an enjoyable talk with humour from someone who recently acquired, and now lives with, the title of creative genius.

Sir Ken Robinson‘s talk is about how schools kill creativity. As with Elizabeth, the talk is actually pretty funny and both could have side careers in standup. He approaches the topic from the perspective of how we educate children and instill creativity. He makes some bold statements that demand some consideration today. He points to a school system that is failing us all. Unfortunately the people that system impacts the most aren’t tall enough to even ride the water slides little on inact real change.

Enjoy, let me know what you think or other related talks we should be watching.