Open Source Languages

May 9th, 2008
[ Software Development ]

I love working in an open source programming language. That’s a serious perq python has. You just see cooler stuff in open source software, it has more character. It’s the kind of software you’d talk to at a party.

robot.pngIt also sucks, crashes, includes applications with hideous design and usability but so what? So does every other piece of software. With a language, it’s direction is governed by volunteer nerds who use it everyday. That results in an experience far different that what’s produced in a corporate piece of software.

I have no idea how FOSS will fair long term and it’s certainly not for everyone but when it comes to programming languages it seems to make some sense. What other industry designs and builds their own tools? I’m not talking about having a say, like a mechanic informing wrench design, I mean software developers developing software they use to develop software. Wow, too much dr seuss with the kids.

Car designers design cars to design cars?…no
Home builders build homes to build homes?…no
Robot builders build robots to build robots?…hmmm…maybe..