Coworking in Guelph

April 17th, 2006
[ General ]

I’ve been working out of my home office for well over a year now. When people ask how I enjoy it I usually give some reponse along the lines of “it’s ok, there are things I miss about being in an office and there are things I could care less to ever be a part of”.

A few specifics, I don’t miss commuting everyday, office politics, standard office hours, traditional bosses. I do miss long Friday lunches, the social aspect of an office and collaboration in general.

Ultimately I much prefer working in an environment I have absolute control over, ignoring for a minute the fact that my wife and two kids are clearly the ones in charge, and my real issues with working in an office are more attributed to corporate culture than the office itself. Working with ClearSpace, regardless of whether we have an office, means I don’t have to deal with traditional corporate culture issues.

So if I can work towards getting some of the things I miss about an office, ie the good stuff, while still working at home then I’m gold. To that end I am very serious about establishing a coworking house here in Guelph. My plan is to put together something along the lines of the Queen Street Commons in Charlottetown PEI.

The idea would be to purchase a house close to downtown Guelph, renovate it so that it’s broken up into clean simple offices, a common space, a kitchen, a boardroom, and hopefully an outdoor patio. Then offer basic services such as wired and wireless internet, voip phones, printing, etc. It’s a place you can show up to 24/7 and have a private office to work.

Would you pay $35 to $100 a month for something like this in Guelph? If so, please contact me. The more people I know of who are interested, the faster this could actually happen.