I Fell in Love with a Logo Design Company

March 3rd, 2006
[ General ]

I decided to give LogoWorks a shot at designing a logo for BlueTurbine today. We’re exploring a rename of ClearSpace and BlueTurbine is the most likely candidate. For the price, as low as $299, we figured it was worth seeing what they could come up with for a logo. Maybe it’d seal the deal in terms of us falling in love with BlueTurbine as a name.

LogoWorks blew my freaking crocs off. I was three pages into their four page ‘start a logo’ process when a few questions came up. I started flopping around their site looking for faq’s or a contact number. While doing that my phone rang. I answered to find a guy from LogoWorks on the other end calling to see if he could help me out at all. He proceeded to ask me some questions, we looked at some logos together, he took notes and before I knew it he said they had more than enough info to get started.

I suppose I’m used to most companies these days who drop the ball completely on customer service and just don’t get it. You want to talk to your customers. You should do everything you can to have meaningful conversations with them. Most companies instead do everything they can NOT to talk to customers as a cost-cutting tool. The extreme is my bank where they have the arrogance to charge me to talk to a human.

LogoWorks went the other way and made this process work by having me talk to a human for 10 minutes. Without those 10 minutes, they would have had poor information and most likely have come back with inferior designs leading them to believe their offering isn’t working or leaving me with a bad taste for their designers. Simple but brilliant.